Guide To Line Items



1. Casing Mail. This time is determined by the number of pieces worked

2. Endorsing Mail (Mark-ups) This time is determined by the number of pieces actually endorsed.

3. Entering Changes of address (COA’s) this figure if actually determined by the number of COA’s actually entered.

4. Pulling down the route for delivery. this time us determined by the number of deliverable pieces actually pulled down.

5. Taking Personal time (toilet, locker, etc.,) You are given a base minimum of 5 minutes daily.


Line Items

Line Item

Work Commonly performed Under this Line Item

Base Min.


Used when obtaining, signing for and clearing accountable mail, keys, etc., or completing portions of PS form 3849 in the office

6 min.


Used when withdrawing mail from distribution cases, hampers, sack, trays or other equipment

5 min


Used when collating, sequenced mailings. May not include in route evaluation if not performed more than times weekly. If mail is strapped out on line 16 then credit should not be given for strap out on line 4.



Used only where the majority of case separations contain more than two addresses per separation. If line 17 is used make no entry on line 4.



Office break (Local Option)

10 min


Used to inspect vehicles. Not used when no vehicle is required.

3 min


Personal time (used for hanging up coats rain gear, etc.)

5 min


Necessary work of a reoccurring nature and not covered by a specific item line explanation line is needed.

9 min


Waiting form all or any other activity that is not recurring and necessary for completion of the assigned duties. explanation is required in comments section of 1838-C



Used for time spent counting mail and filling out form 1838-C



Line Item Guidelines

Line 14

Record total time used. Time should begin when carrier checks out accountable mail from clerk and ends when carrier has performed all operations related to accountable mail, including , placing mail in case. 6 minutes minimum.

Line 15

Withdrawing mail. Record total time used. This is time spent prepping the mail prior to casing. Unwrapping plastic, removing bands, emptying sacks, removing flats from plastic tubs, flipping letters onto ledge from trays, etc. 5 minutes minimum.

Line 17

Used for walk-out routes. Strapping out and preparing realays.

Line 18

Only if office break option is chosen. 10 minutes.

Line 19

Vehicle inspection. Record total time used. 3 minutes minimum.

Line 20

Personal time. 5 minutes. If more time is needed, use line 21.

Line 21

Recurring office work. Record total time used. Each entry on line 21 should be noted with a carrier comment.



Performing window caller service

Replenishing forms

Travel to and from the throwback case (misthrows and markups)

Verifying hold mail

Official communications (address searches, govt. check holds)

Returning empty equipment

Taking CFS mail to designated area

Reviewing mail returned from CFS

Checking direct bundles for misthrows

Safety talks
Talking with a supervisor

Reading the Hotsheet

Reading the bulletin boards

Completing PS 3996 and 1571

Union Steward functions
Picking up and returning scanners

Line 21 items must meet three criteria:

The activity must be recurring in nature,

It must be necessary to the successful completion of the activity,

It must not otherwise properly included as part of another established time credit on lines 1 through 20.

Source: M-00605 Settlement Agreement August 26, 1980

Line 22

Any activities which are not performed on a continuing basis and are not reoccurring or necessary. i.e., leaving carrier case to discuss with another carrier something not pertaining to an official function of his duties; too many trips to the throwback case; too many trips to the breakroom for coffee, phone calls from your bookie. Each entry on line 22 should be noted with a carrier comment.

Line 23

Record communications in regards to route examination with carrier by examiner or unit manager on this line as well as counting mail or filling out count forms.