WebMinutes will now be a condensed, yet unapproved version of the full-meal deal. Members wanting or needing more information need only attend the next meeting or request the Minutes from their Steward.



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Bremerton, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard


June 12, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 5:07 pm. There was a motion to accept the minutes as written by Brad. Seconded by Marla. Motion passed.

Art made a motion to send a condolence card to Bob James on the passing of his wife. Brad seconded. Motion passed. Barbara volunteered to arrange details.

Steve noted that no route counts are scheduled any time soon. Requesting a full week count can only be triggered by documenting at least 30 minutes of overtime on a route 3 days a week for 6 weeks. A Carrier can ask for a minor adjustment and hope to gradually change their route. A minor adjustment is not defined. Special inspections may be asked for any time of the year. Harald has reneged on Sick Leave awards because of disallowance of FMLA use. There is a grievance pending on past practice. Attendance award program has been in place since 1989.

G.W. recently solicited Hoffa Jr. for support in privatizing the Postal Service. Hoffa said "no".

Joan reported on Labor-Management meeting. 1 new PTF has quit and another has been released. 1 Casual has quit and another has been sacked. There are now 61 Carriers in Bremerton. This creates one more leave slot if no one leaves before October 20th.

Steve mentioned that Harald called a Labor-Management meeting but would not talk about anything because of pending grievances.

Mark Mallos has not yet reported back on arrangements for Day-at-the-Races II. Greg Contos mentioned the possibility of a bowling day.

Bob reminded us of the proper way to date a grievance. Date/initials/ # for that day. For example: Bob has one grievance on January 12, 2003, proper method is: 011203BH1. An answer to a grievance is to be sent to Steward. Branch wants a copy of answer.

Joan reported that the State Convention was the best yet. Marla emphasized the need to work on Legislation. Jobs are on the line. Contact is important. Steve reported that every handwritten letter is counted as 5000 constituents. Barbara mentioned that the Legislative Liason reported only 86 letters mailed in this state. Give a copy of any political letters you mail to the NBAs office or the Branch President. We want to make sure we are properly counted. This is the year that makes or breaks the Postal Service. Write, call, or email your Representatives. Smile at your customers. Wes recommended contacting your immediate family to solicite letters. Payroll deduction for COLCPE may be online by end of June. A $2 per pay period contribution would equal $10 million. Art noted that there are now 235,000 routes, and 138 million delivery points. Volume is down 3% from last year. For the first time since Postal reorganization our numbers are declining. The workforce is older. The trend is for fewer Carriers, reduced office time and expanded street time. Paul Price told us that everything—including evaluated routes is on the table. Branch contributions to the State were voted on and increased. This means a little less money for the Branch in the short term, but assures a continuation of our education program. COAs will be handled differently in the future because of the Privacy Act.

Nick's report not available online.

Wes introduced retired member Bob Bachand. A plaque was presented to him including a photograph from the Sun story. Bob thanked us and advised us to see retirement as a rainbow at the end of our careers and not to become couch potatos.

West Hills (Barbara) reported that the truck run grievance had been lost. Jamie said no-go because we don’t want to see the position contracted out. Out-of-schedule pay was all that could be gotten out of this grievance. Grievant did not write statement.

Jack’s last day at Sheridan Park is July 3rd. Picnic will be on July 20th at Joan’s from noon-to-6pm. Sign-up sheet will be sent to all stations. Park in field east of driveway.

Bob H made a motion to pay the bills. Karl seconded. Motion passed.

Karl made a motion to pay the summer bills. Seconded by Wes. Motion passed.

Regional Assembly attendees: Barb, Nick, Marla, Joan, Bob, Steve, and Art.

Barb has directions to Snohomish picnic on July 13th. Debbie Shoemaker’s turkey roast will be on July 19th.

Steve will check with Mark Mallos about the Day-at-the-Races.

Joan will look into vests. Jo Ann Pyle knows a maker in Spokane.

Joan made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Wes. Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm.

Drawings: Bob Bachand wins COLPE drawing, including commemorative edition Planters Peanuts. Bob graciously donates his share of $18 back to the cause. Norm Hall wins the Branch drawing for $25. He is not present and the pot goes to $30 at the September meeting. Wes reported that $339 will be sent to COLCPE this month.



May 8, 2003

Meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm. Wes made a motion to accept the Minutes as written with the exception of the incomplete Treasurers report. Bob seconded. Motion passed.

President: Steve delivered his take on the Weiss Report, a recommendation submitted to the Presidential Commission on Postal Reform. The report had been also submitted to the website by Nick and has been posted. Steve worked with Mark Weiss 19 years ago in Central Point, Oregon and was shocked because the Weiss Report was inaccurate and self-serving. According to Weiss the best job in USPS is a Rural Carrier. Steve pointed out that no manager has ever quit and reverted to the Rural Carrier craft. Pricing flexibility is also a big problem within this report. Steve may write to Mark.

Vice-President: Joan reported that Harald had been asked 3 times for the Casual Log necessary for the Labor Management meeting tomorrow at 3 pm. There is an agreement with Zinzer to maintain a Casual Log to demonstrate the need to have a trigger before hiring Casuals. Working on several OT grievances. 4 new PTFs hired.

Secretary: Art reported on website and Convention arrangements. Website visits up to highest level: 1228 visits in April.

Steve briefly discussed the lack of station inputs (vacation-holds, COAs input into the DPS system), something to be brought up at the LM meeting. DPS is very bad. District has cut back on phantom-mail in an effort to boost the volume of DPS. Carriers should bundle and bring back bad DPS and fill out 1571s. Under remarks write: "Out of sequence DPS". Breaker cards are out-of-control.

Treasurer: N/A online

Stewards: Tom reported that the trigger had ended with Art returning to work in Port Orchard, and a dual appointee Casual will be removed.

Hackiewicz reported that FMLA grievances came back regarding intermittent physical condition. As long as medical paperwork defines condition as intermittent or condition changes, USPS cannot require recertification. Postmaster didn’t like Bob’s method of using the same form and having Dr. concur. A second opinion can be required of a neutral doc-if 2nd doc concurs it is a done deal. If 2nd opinion doesn’t concur a 3rd opinion is binding. Bob requested a look at an OPF regarding discipline. A rescinded LOW was on file. Carrier could have missed many awards because of this. An employee may request to look into their OPF any time off the clock. LOW regarding Express Mail failure: decision is that scanner reading cannot be the sole basis of discipline.

Karl reported that even with 10 PTFs and 2 Casuals they cannot cover Rt 1. It was turned into an auxiliary.

West Hills reported 2 12-hour grievances. Management did not utilize ODLer before going on vacation. 1 hour and 45 minutes spent today with problem supervisor. Bad mannerisms, has never carried mail. Addresses issues like curtailed mail and auxiliary assistance when Carriers are pulling down.

Steve reported that there would be no sick leave awards in Bremerton this year. USPS cannot discriminate against FMLA use. Program dropped. There is an Article 5 past practice grievance here. Harald did not notify employees of program termination. Tactical error. Current reason for termination: doesn’t have the money.

Barb reported on training for the ERMS system (Centralized Sick Leave phone #). If you call in 3 times in 90 days an email goes to supervisor asking what they are doing about this. If nothing is heard an email goes to the supervisor’s boss asking what they are doing about the supervisor. Suggestion: instead of emailing these messages maybe they should actually mail them. Volume would go up. Steve reported that he has a packet of answers for this program that he will bring to the next meeting. Managements intention is to trick people into AWOL. Do not answer questions yes or no unless you absolutely know the answer. We are not trained as physicians. We cannot diagnose ourselves. All a Carrier can do is to really report that they are "incapacitated". National has already filed grievances on this.

Silverdale has complained that there are no Rural Carrier logos on Food Drive cards. Seattle District has yanked some Food Drive bags because they did not have GS stamp on corner or postage. Postal logos not on bags. Bags that can’t be used will be given to the food banks.

Old Business: By-Law proposals were read for the third time and discussed for a final time. Votes were cast. Proposal 1 (Barbara’s) was defeated. Proposal 2 (Art’s) received a 67% yea vote and passed.

New Business: Greg made a motion to approve the Retiree gift package. Bob seconded. Motion passed.

Art made a motion to award the bounties which had been promised for persons signing non-members. Diana seconded. Motion passed.

Art made a motion to award the 2 months forgiven dues promised returning members. Greg seconded. Motion passed.

Barbara made a motion to request that her $100 check be written to Wes and that he donate it to COLCPE. Bob seconded. Motion passed.

Tom made a motion to request that his $100 check be written to Wes and that he donate it to COLCPE. Diana seconded. Motion passed.

Regional Meeting in Anchorage: We must have our attendees defined by the next meeting so that registration and lodging can be taken care of. 7 people have currently expressed an interest. From Bremerton: Steve W, Joan E, Hackie, Nick P, Barbara P, and Marla K. From Port Orchard: Art C.

Marla made a motion to pay for 2 additional JCAM hardcopies. Seconded by Bob B. Motion passed.

Picnic will be on July 20th, 2003, and will be catered.

Day at the Races II. Someone is needed to do leg work and arrange before next meeting. A weekend needs to be picked and a projection of interested people is necessary. We must have 25. Bob H and Mark M volunteered to check out the details.

Wes made a motion to set a July or August date for Day at the Races II. Barbara seconded. Motion passed.

A photo of Mark Mallos’ LLV was presented to him for his retirement. Don B also presented him with a key "that will open any of them".

Karl made a motion to adjourn. Kevin H seconded. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

There were 2 Branch drawings because of last months postponement. The April drawing of $55 was won by John Rowland but he was not present. The May drawing of $60 was won by Tom Altmann. Tom was present to accept.

The COLCPE drawing of $57 was won by Bob Hackiewicz. Bob graciously donated his $28.50 back to COLCPE. Wes reported that this month a total of $303 would be mailed to COLCPE.



April 10, 2003                                        

Meeting was called to order at 5:10 pm.

Marla made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Seconded by Tony. Motion passed.

Steve discussed the Congressional letter writing campaign regarding the $78 billion CSRS retirement overcharge. News release: Senate passed legislation (S 380). This delays a postage rate increase by 2 years. More legislation will be coming up. We are out powered in lobbying by UPS and others. A payroll deduction plan for COLCPE is on the horizon. This will be a painless way to donate to the cause. If each Carrier were to give $2 per paycheck we would have a war-chest of $10 million. This is more than twice the lobbying power of UPS. A COLCPE coordinator is requested for each station.

Art reported that website hits had reached an all time high: 993 sessions in March. Total of 2624 page view and non-page view hits. Arrangements have been made for rooms and banquet dinner selection for the Convention.

Hackiewicz reported 3 FMLA grievances. Settled a failure-to-follow-instructions LOW.

Karl trained a new PTF: Kevin Hobson started last Saturday.

Anna reported for West Hills. A Carrier has been paid 45 minutes of OT for time not worked. Carrier was ordered in early and not allowed to start. 2 grievances are going to Step B in regard to scchedule changes and truck run. Clerk running parcels, mail.

Joan received a letter back from Step B. CA-20s had Gloria Sorrell’s address in place of  OWCP’s address. Grievance in abeyance. Carriers have been going over 60 hours. Told to be back at 1:30, but finished loop and went over 60---not remediable. 

Steve reported that accident kits are being given to employees who have had accidents. They contain a PS form 2488, a release consent for medical information. You are not required to fill one out unless you are being hired. You waive your rights to privacy if you fill out form 2488. To Stewards: try to avoid any waiver of time limits or extensions. It is not to your advantage to grant an extension unless you are waiting for a document.

Joan added that if you are injured on the job you are not getting paid after 8 hours even if in a physician’s office if you are the one who requested medical attention. If the Postal Service required you to seek medical attention, you will be paid even into overtime. Regarding PS form 3547 (address service requested), Clerks do not fill them out. Carriers fill them out. A good time to do this is when you are on undertime.

Treasurer: N/A online

Wes reported that $114 had been sent to COLCPE. Barbara Payne had made a personal contribution of $100.

By-Law proposals. This was the second reading of proposed By-Law changes. Karl read the existing structure. Wes read Barbara’s proposal. Art read his proposal. Vote at next meeting.

Bob H made a motion to allow Steve W dues reimbursement. Joan seconds. Motion carries.

Joan, Nick and Barbara will attend Statewide Training in Wenatchee.

There are still 2 slots for Intermediate Steward Training available to Bremerton.

Food Drive: Anna has had signs made by a patron. Alice has containers from Brem-Air. Silverdale and Main Office won’t have them.

Karl moves to send a thank-you letter to the printer (Mel Phillips). Wes seconds. Motion carries.

Gary O shared a few anecdotes and discussed one of his webpage articles.

Joan made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Anna. Motion passes.

Wes made a motion to adjourn. Seconded, passed at 6:00 pm.

COLCPE: Steve Wilson defied all odds and won the drawing for $44. This is his 3rd straight win. Can he do it next time? Once again he graciously donated his half of the proceeds back to COLCPE.

The April Branch drawing for $55 will be done at the next meeting because Nick is not present. There will be 2 drawings at the May meeting.


Meeting Minutes March 13, 2003

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Anna read thank-you card from Art.

Joan reported a great showing at the dinner: 86 people. 105 signed up. This is the largest turn-out yet. We will be looking for another place for the dinner next year.

Art reported that the website needed renewal fees to be approved at this meeting so that it could continue. Renewal fees for one year are $349, this includes the domain name registration. Joan made a motion to pay web fees, seconded by Marla. Passed.

Treasurer: N/A Online

Prez: Steve discussed HR 735, and Senate Bill 380. House Bill has passed, but it is not too late to write your Senator. Importance of COLCPE.


Karl reported a new Casual working the truck-run Downtown. Seems to be doing a great job.

Barbara reported 3 new PTFs hired at West Hills. There is also 1 transferring & 2 Casuals. (4 PTFs 2 Casuals). Won’t be on board until April. She also reported PTFs pulled off their opts. Reported Carrier filling out a PS form 1260, had an appointment, gone 1 ½ hours, came back to work for 45 minutes. Destroyed 1260. Paid for 1 ½ hours. Never clocked off. Will check pay stub. Also 4 CA-17 grievances with extension. Carrier pulled off own assignment. Hostility in workplace, potential grievance. She also rescinds and apologizes for a remark she made at the last meeting which might have been construed as implying a misuse of Branch funds. She did not intend to suggest any wrong-doing.

Steve reports that R. ran mail from Sheridan to West Hills. Supervisor (Jack) denied this. Carrier must be paid for this activity. Transporting mail from West Hills to Tacoma is not a Carrier function, but from Sheridan to West Hills is.

Hackiewicz reported 3 grievances sent to Step B on FMLA issues. They are complicated, but will make life better. Regarding Annual Leave versus Sick Leave choice, Carrier decides which to use for FMLA. Working toward a situation in which those working over 12 hours a day or 60 hours a week will automatically be entered into computer report. Should show up automatically and will not need to grieve this everytime it happens.

Joan reported Article 8 violations. 2 Carriers sent home after 8 hours because supervisor needed 2 bodies the next day. Willful violation---Carriers mando’d on SDO left early.

Steve reminded us that the system is designed to penalize management for failure to hire. Articles 3, and 5, address failure to staff not being an excuse. Article 3C addresses requirement that management maintain the efficiency of the operations entrusted to it.

56,000 jobs have been eliminated in the Postal Service in the last few months. Clerks will be offered an early out beginning April 1st.

Joan, Barbara, and Nick will be going to Statewide training in Wenatchee. 3 slots will be open for Bremerton AL.

There was a motion made for Nick to pay all necessary expenses for the State convention and Wenatchee training. Motion seconded. Passed.

Executive Board: Barbara reported on the State Officers meeting. State Treasurer and Barbara met for a day and went over budget. The budget looks good for this year, but could be $6-7000 short next year. Budget will be submitted at the convention. $28,000 a year is spent on education. We will be voting on whether to raise dues or cut programs. Discussed revamping convention order to allow for more time to interview potential officers.

New Biz: Wes contacted a member whose father had passed away. Reported a 6 pm service the following Sunday at the Gorst Baptist Church.

Barbara and Art introduced 2 proposals for By-Law change. Each was read for the first time at the meeting and will be discussed later. Second reading in April. Vote at the May meeting. Members wanting more information please contact your Steward.

Joan requested funds for 3 hard-copy JCAMs. Motion made, seconded, passed.

There was a motion to pay the bills. Seconded, passed.

Steve has been appointed a Trainer at the Intermediate Steward College. He will teach 2 3-hour classes on Limited Duty, and Leave.

There was a motion to adjourn at 6:40 pm. Seconded. Passed.

Drawings: Steve Wilson won the $45 COLCPE drawing and graciously donated his half back to the cause. The Branch now has $148 in the COLCPE fund. Wes will mail a check for $114 later this month.

John Strickland drew Melinda Brottem’s name for the Branch drawing of $50. She was not in attendance, and the kitty is bumped up to $55 for the next meeting.


February 13, 2003

Meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm.

Karl made a motion to accept the Minutes as distributed with 2 corrections: dinner date changed and laptop accountability added. Motion seconded. Passed.

Vice President: Joan reported that the Branch Dinner would open for cocktails at 6:15 pm, and that dinner would be served at 7:15 pm. 102 people have signed up, best showing ever. Paul Price, NBA Region 2 will be the guest speaker. Bring ID to get in through the gate on Naval Ave. Additional guests need to be paid for at $20 each. There are 5 people meeting this requirement.

Secretary: Art reported that the domain name registration and website will expire on March 27th. It will be necessary to pay Unions-America.com $349.00 to extend service ($299.00 for website, $50.00 for domain name). Will request funds at next meeting. Website visits for January at 754. Highest yet. Thank-you notes from Debbie Harp, Jamie Lumm, and Steve Torrence. Intermediate Shop Steward College positions available.

Treasurer: N/A online

President: Steve reported that the Union had no position on potassium iodine medication. It is a personal choice. NALC sent out memo for injury compensation.

Steward Reports:

Port Orchard: Tom had 2 interviews regarding tardiness.

West Hills: Barbara reported working 58 hours a week. New boss not popular. Missing scans = official discussions.

Downtown Bremerton: Karl busy covering City Rt. 1.

Sheridan: Joan reported a Carrier putting in for AL and management losing the 3971. There are 116 man-years now in Bremerton, not 125. The 3 Carriers to be maximized do not qualify. Rural Carriers do not count toward our man-years. District will not send a breakdown of complement. Was 65 Carriers and 2 Casuals (for Bremerton). A person with an on-the-job injury has to be worked their average hours for the last 12 months. There has been a Carrier in this situation that has not been getting 40 hours. Management cannot put a Carrier on Restricted Sick Leave for buy-back SL.

Bob: MSPB data cannot be the sole basis for disciplinary action. Used to support discipline. We have documentation to prove this; memo of understanding. Parties agree that with the exception of December employees prohibited to work more than 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week. 50% additional pay for violation is an appropriate remedy + cease-and-desist. 2 of these grievances going right now. If you want the 2 ½ x pay, work it, if not tell them. Other grievance: non-ODL pre-Arb: NALC + Post Office, Article 8.5 F. Excluding December, Letter Carrier not on the ODL may not be required to work over 10 hours.

Joan: if you are mando’d on non-sched day they have to max out PTFs and ODL. You cannot waive 8 hours guaranteed time and go home early.

Nick: if they don’t have 8 hours of work they shouldn’t be mando-ing people.

Gig Harbor: Bob G reported 4 people working 12 hours on day after Holiday. Computer should pick up. Will file grievance to collect extra pay, cease-and-desist. 1 route has been reverted back to an auxiliary. Regular Carrier has requested a special inspection. Possible class action. If management’s information is flawed the burden of proof is reverted to them (Contractual). There was an act of violence at Gig Harbor. Individual was assaulted by supervisor. Supervisor countered that he had been given a racial slur. Remember, if you are in this situation, the first thing an employee needs to do is to call 911. Do not rely on Postal Inspectors alone. Call Congressman. District does not like this.

New Business: Proposed By-law change to Article IV regarding gifting money to members. Heated discussion. Recommended change will be submitted at the next meeting. Current By-Laws require that proposed amendments or alterations be signed by at least 3 members in good standing at least 2 regular meeting nights previous to action taken thereon. A change must be approved by a 2/3s vote of members present and voting at a regular meeting. If defeated, amendment may not be submitted in like form for 6 months thereafter.

Statewide Training in Wenatchee coming up April 11-13th. Need interested parties. Additional Shop Stew class added for September. 3rd level. Interested parties?

There was a motion to pay the bills. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

There was a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded. Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.

COLCPE Drawing: Steve Wilson won the drawing and graciously donated his half of the $40 jackpot back to COLCPE. We now have $101 in the COLCPE fund.

Bill Beck won the Branch drawing for $45 but was not present. Kitty goes to $50 for the next meeting.


January 9, 2003

Web Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Steve started the meeting with a training session on what to do if you are hauled into the office for an Express Mail failure.There have been 6 discipline cases in the last 6 months regarding Express Mail failures. If you show up as a failure you are most likely going to be given an investigative interview. Wes and Tony graciously helped play the roles of interviewees. Steve played the interviewer.

During the first interview it was demonstrated that a passive or accepting stance on the employees part could lead to further discipline. The second interview demonstrated a more aggressive and questioning stance by the employee. Something to remember, there is no rule in any manual that states Express Mail has to be delivered by 3 pm. It is service goal. Therefore do not admit that you are aware of a rule and then failed to comply. As always, if you are being asked questions by management—request Union representation!

It was noted that Route 2 in Downtown Bremerton would be reverted. PTFs can still opt on Route 2 until it is actually disassembled.

A motion was made to pass the Minutes with corrections (Marla added to Attendees and Shop Steward College). Motion seconded. Passed.

Joan discussed maximization. 3 people were missing a few minutes, but with documentation will now be converted to regular. Harald has put in for 3 Casuals, has 3 triggers. Says he has put in to hire 6 PTFs. Bremerton is down 5 Carriers from April of last year. Union has to accept triggers, when trigger situation disappears so do the Casuals.

It was announced that the Branch Dinner would be on January 25th at the Olympic Lodge. Changed to Feb. 15th.

Secretary discussed website, new printer, and Delegates to convention. Will mail dinner invitations to NBA and to retirees. Requested a check to mail to Director of Education for three Shop Steward College attendees. Memo from Jo Ann placed an extended cut-off of January 27th.

There was a motion to pay for 3 Shop Steward College students. Seconded. Passed.

Treasurer: N/A online

There was a motion to pay outstanding bills. Seconded. Passed.

Three Shop Steward Alternates were appointed: Anna-West Hills, Marla-Sheridan Park, and Kelly-Port Orchard.

Steward Reports:

Karl reported that Bob Bachand had retired and will receive the first plaque.

Tom reported that all was quiet in Port Orchard.

Barbara reported grievances regarding extra 50% pay for 2 people forced in on their day off. Extended. Wrong people are hauling mail. New supervisor. 2 10-hour people volunteered to do an open truck run. Do not volunteer to do things off assignment. Postmaster threatened to contract out truck run if drivers accepted jury duty. Bruce Day has joined the Union! Was mando’d for Christmas Eve, told about it at 6:10 pm the previous evening. New supervisor aggressive with day-care. Managing people’s personal lives, i.e. requiring people to arrange day care on their scheduled days off.

Joan settled COP grievance. Employee was injured on the job and requested to go to the Doctor. Told to take Sick Leave or Annual. Another Carrier had a CA-2 injury. Post Office filled out a CA-17 and changed lifting requirement from 1 hour to 2 hours. PTF, not getting hours, requested Payroll journal. Entitled to the same amount of work before injury.

Bob H settled vehicle accident LOW. Bob’s Express mail LOW has been tossed. Working on 3 FMLA grievances.

Anna reported reducing a LOW to 6 months.


Wes wants to be contacted in the event any Veteran is denied time to attend a Veteran function, ie; Veteran’s funeral, etc. This is something that has nothing to do with staffing. For Veteran’s affairs, contact Wes.

There is a Welfair Committee opening in Bremerton. Welfare Committee determines how vending machine money is spent. Postmaster will not disclose Welfare Savings account balance. There is a requirement to spend all but 10% of the Welfare fund each year. Let Steve know if you are interested. Committee meets quarterly.

There was a motion to pay for the dinner. Seconded. Passed.

A motion was made to make a gift of $500.00 to D.H. She is out of Sick Leave and Annual. Seconded. Discussed. Wes volunteered to distribute secret ballots. Gail and Tony counted: 6 no, 9 yes.

Motion passed.

New laptop computers were assigned and distributed. Persons accountable for the new computers are: Steve Wilson (alternates Joan Earl, Bob Hackiewicz, Marla Kucharik), Barbara Payne (alternates Anna Bay, Nick Payne), Art Cothary (alternates Tom Altmann, Kelly Tippin). Karl Dahlberg and Bob Gandara will share responsibility safeguarding the old laptop.

At 6:45 pm a motion was made to adjourn. Seconded. Passed.

Steve Torrence won the drawing for $40.00. Not present Kitty goes to $45.00.

Art wins the $31.00 COLCPE drawing and gives his half back.

Wes reports a balance of $61.00 in the COLCPE fund.


December 12, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 5:43 p.m.

Joan made a motion to accept ammended minutes. Motion seconded. Passed.

Secretary discussed Shop Steward nominations, holiday cards, and circulated the Lumm letter. Members present were encouraged to sign.

Some members were delayed in arriving because of the Christmas work-load. Joan decided to start with the Steward reports.

West Hills: Nick reported a LOW regarding an accident at step B, and a denial of a change of schedule.

Sheridan: Bob settled LOW.

Joan discussed Maximization. 3 PTFs with 6 months of hours, 2 of them were short 1 day for the period. Their 6 month period now goes to February. It is important that PTFs opt, and when on an opt that they maintain the route, do not go home early. It is also important that PTFs keep track of their hours daily. AL counts toward 40 hour week, but PTF cannot take AL to supplement weekly hours and bump to 40. Seattle District withholding positions pending excessing. LVC Clerks to be excessed. Nationally 12,000 jobs to be cut…1.6 million more deliveries. Excessing to continue through December, 2003. TEs can be hired—probably only for Clerk Craft. In short, hiring looks bleak. Possible PTF loans to other stations.

Retreat rights. When you bid on a route your rights start when you are awarded the route. After that you have 5 working days to retreat. Retreat rights start even if you are on AL

Barbara: any retreat rights are better than none. Very few stations nationwide have them. During the course of the new cntract you may make 7 successful bids ( not 5 )

Port Orchard: new PTF, and new member; Brenda Friedman. PTFs are concerned about hours. Management working regular Carriers into OT, and not effectively using PTFs during the holiday season. Vehicles are being pulled from routes.

Executive Board decides to wait for New Business report.

New Business:

Branch Dinner: Olympic Lodge has not called back. We are tentatively looking at the 2nd Saturday in February.

Delegates to the State Convention ( May 16-18th ): need to be picked at this meeting. The following delegates were chosen: Joan Earl, Barbara and Nick Payne, Anna Bay, Bob Hackiewicz, Marla Kucharik, and Art Cothary.

Branch Printer: Secretary recommended purchasing an HP officejet d145 on sale at Costco for $449.99 plus tax. A motion was made to purchase printer. Seconded. Passed.

Computers: Barbara discussed the merits of purchasing 3 lap-top computers for Sheridan Park, West Hills, and Port Orchard. The 2 smaller stations would be able to share the old computer. The price range would be between $950 to $1150 plus shipping and tax.

A motion was made to take money out of savings and buy 3 lap-tops from Dell for no more than $1150 plus shipping and tax. Motion was seconded. Motion passed.

Plaques: Wes and Karl discussed purchasing retirement plaques. There are 2 available models at $21.69 and $23.86. A motion was made to purchase 10 of each from savings. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

Shop Steward College: Anna, Karl, and Marla are interested in attending.

President’s Report: Starting Saturday all regular routes will start at 7:30 in Bremerton. Combination and truck routes retain their schedules. Regarding a situation at Sheridan Park: Union members are encouraged to work out their differences in private and not on the workroom floor. There are 2 new Union members: Brenda in Port Orchard, and Jennifer in Gig Harbor. PTF books are available.

Steve and Joan announced that they would not be seeking reelection for their current office after this term. There are almost 2 years for interested parties to get training.

Executive Board: Barbara reported a PTF being offended about not being told to track hours. To be maximized remember that a PTF needs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 months. Short on people=perfect opportunity to maximize. Currently there are 6 vacation slots in Bremerton. Only enugh to cover AL, not enough to allow for FMLA, sick leave, accidents, etc.

Treasurer’s Report: N/A online

A motion was made to reimburse dues for Officers and Shop Stewards ( not Alternates ). Anyone not wanting reimbursement can take training. Seconded. Passed.

A motion was made to pay the bills ( and bond bill if it comes in ). Seconded. Passed.

COCPE Drawing: Wes Roberts won the $30 pot and graciously donated his half back to COLCPE.

Post Commander Phil Krutsinger of VFW 239 welcomed us to the Post and invited Letter Carriers to join in on Post activities, Friday night dinners, Christmas breakfast, raffles, etc.

Debbie Shoemaker won the $35.00 Branch Drawing, but was not present. Next month kitty is set at $40.00.

Wes reported sending COLCPE $101 from Wilson and $102 from Branch on December 3, 2002.

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:01pm. Motion seconded. Passed.


November 14, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

President: there is a Legislative packet available. Election notices sent inter-office were intercepted by Harald Jones. Harald says we are not to use inter-office mail for Union business. Looking into this.There are Article 8 grievances because Stewards missed training. There will be make-up training. ( Marla, Karl, and Bob B. are scheduled for December 6, 2002). Management says that they didn’t have anyone to cover Karl. 3 settlements.

Stewards at Sheridan were told not to use copier, management decided they would provide the person to operate the copier. Stewards handle sensitive information and are allowed to make 100 copies a day when working on a grievance. If issue is not immediately resolved, management must provide a contactual basis and meet with the Union. If issue is delayed management must inform Union and make arrangements.

Do not do grievance work at home. Always attempt cease-and-desist language. A permissive remedy starts at $25. There will be a Labor-management meeting with Harald Jones. One Union Rep goes on the clock to a regularly scheduled Labor-management meeting.

PTF Handbook needs to be updated.

There was a grievance settlement in regard to Blood Donor Leave. Reference is ELM 519. U.S.P.S. encourages all employees to donate blood. "…request for Blood Leave may not be unreasonably denied."

October Minutes ammended re: date of check # 1910, and Barb’s Steward report. There was a motion to pass the Minutes. Motion seconded, passed.

Secretary: talked about "maintain and gain" at last meeting. Union needs to have a presence and a meaning for all members. In that spirit would like to propose:

  1. Quarterly newsletter to all members.
  2. Holiday/New Years card to all members.
  3. Holiday/New Years card to non-members.

Would also like to investigate the purchase of a printer-copier for the Branch. Have been denied access to copier for duplication of Minutes, and other non-grievance business. Will provide 2 or 3 models for discussion and or vote at next meeting.

Need to line up State Convention Delegates by next meeting.

Will try to update website soon. October sessions: 412, page hits: 998. Stats down slightly because fewer updates. Apologise.

A motion was made to send the Holiday cards with a budget limitation of $200. Motion seconded. Motion carried, 1 opposed.

Treasurer: N/A on website.

A motion was made to pay the bills. Motion seconded, passed.


Bob Hackiewisc reported settling a LOW on an accident.

Barbara Payne reported settling 2 grievances today. Improper staffing on truck-run, and 7 hours extra pay to 12-hour person worked on Holiday-50% additional pay for Senior Carrier. Management worked wrong person on Holiday. Regarding Holiday scheduling: anyone can be mando’d onto any route on a non-scheduled day.

Failure to hire is not license to violate the Contract.

Joan Earl reported on a situation involving advanced Sick Leave. Carrier wrote to Postmaster requesting the advance, and Postmaster granted but required documentation for all Sick Leave used from then on. Grievant was never verbally told that grievant was on restricted SL. There are no stipulations or restrictions that come with advanced Sick Leave. Protect yourself, read all documentation you are given. If you finish your assignment and leave early, write "finished route" on the 3971 requesting AL or LWOP. Unexplained instances of LWOP over time can easily be misconstrued.

Karl Dahlberg reported an accident occurred Downtown today, but no information was available at the time he left.

Tom Altmann reported that the Carriers who had exceeded 12 hours in one workday had not called in. Withdrew Grievance.

Kelly Tippin advised members to immediately verify dog ownership if bitten.

At 6:15 p.m. the Election Committee was excused to count ballots.

Old Business:

Computers: Steve will price and bring options to next meeting.

Branch Dinner: Joan looking into Mary Mac’s and Olympic Lodge. Will compare costs and features.

State Convention: need to know delegates by next meeting.

Statewide Training: need volunteers for February.

Letter to Jamie Lumm being drafted by Steve.


Payroll deduction to COLCPE is in the works. Steve Wilson graciously donated a check for $101.00 to COLCPE.

Discussion about LMUs:

Some members expressed their concern about the recent non-negotiation of LMUs. Any change to the LMU proposed by the Union now opens negotiations up to an impasse. If an issue goes to impasse the Burden-of-Proof falls on the Union. There is now a very real risk of losing something everytime a change is proposed. What are you willing to lose? There was a concern that many Senior Carriers were overbooking AL slots and taking entire weeks of vacation time from Junior members only to give back everything but the weekend. While this is inconsiderate, unfortunately nothing can presently be done. Management cannot force someone to take their leave. It is important to realize that if everyone bid all of their AL it would maximize availability and force mamagement to open more slots.

LMU negotiation can be re-opened, but the reason for it must be that the LMU is in conflict, or cannot be a wholesale change.

Election Committee:

Karl and Bob G. announced that Barbara Payne and Greg Kontos were the newly elected Executive Board Officers.

There was a motion to adjourn at 6:50 p.m. Motion was seconded, passed.

Drawings: Art won the COLCPE drawing of $34.00 and gave back his half to COLCPE.

Leon Guadiz won the Branch Drawing for $30.00 but was not present. The kitty goes to $35.

Wes reported that $102.00 from the Branch was on it’s way to COLCPE , beating Steve Wilson by $1.00.




WebMinutes October 17, 2002


Meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm.

Sun Valley Regional Conference Reports:

Barbara reported on the Computers for Union Leaders and the COLCPE classes. The COLCPE class focused on how to improve political awareness of members. Jobs are on the line and can be taken away with the stroke of a pen. Members should realize that COLCPE is non-partisan and supports candidates of any party friendly to Letter Carriers. Over 90% of the candidates receiving COLCPE funds are successfully elected.

UPS is outspending us by nearly 4-to-1 in this area. There is a plan in the works to initiate a COLCPE check-off to allow members to automatically contribute a set amount every month. There will be a lobbying trip to Washington D.C. April 5th-10th. Hatch Act info to be posted on website.

Art reported on the LM-3 and Organizing classes. The LM-3 is a product of the Labor-Management Act of 1959 and is an income-reporting device submitted annually by our Branch Treasurer. Nick Payne is greatly appreciated. The Organizing class focused on the concept: Maintain-and-Gain. While it is important to gain new members, it is equally important to appreciate and maintain the people we have. We cannot afford to lose anyone. It is useless to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Branch 1414 currently has 73 members and 5 non-members. We are 93.5 % organized. Benefits of Union membership info to be posted on the website.

Joan reported on the Excessing/Reversion/Abolishment/Maximization and OWCP classes. Paul Price notified members that Seattle, Spokane Districts, and Utah are going to be excessing. Regular Clerks cannot be excessed into Carrier positions because of higher level pay. There are a few higher level Clerk machine-operation positions which might be eligible. Last time Seattle District did not excess anyone because of attrition.

No route inspections are scheduled.

If you get into an accident, request a CA-16. You have 1 week to complete. Also request F-200 (safety meeting record). Management cannot refuse. "Every accident that happens must be reported to ensure that employee gets proper medical treatment." Article 41.3 P is contractual vehicle.

Steve reported on the Branch Leadership class. We need to mentor more, share the wealth of benefits and information. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot.

Nominations Reopened:

Kelly Tippin, Dorothea Poe, and Greg Kontos were nominated for the position of Executive Board. Current Nominees are:

Steve Wilson, President

Joan Earl, Vice President

Art Cothary, Secretary

Nick Payne, Treasurer

Barbara Payne, Executive Board

Kelly Tippin, Executive Board

Dorothea Poe, Executive Board

Greg Kontos, Executive Board

There are two open Executive Board positions.

An Election Committee was formed; Bob Gandara, chairperson, Karl Dahlberg, assistant.

Vicky S made a motion to accept the Minutes. Karl D seconded. Motion passed.

Karl D made a motion to recognize DC-bound Jamie Lumm as an honorary member of our Branch. Joan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Dorothea Poe made a motion to grant anyone signing a non-member a $100 bounty. Joan seconded. Motion passed unanimously. (New members will also receive first 3 months dues paid. Form 1187 is available to download on non-members page on website.)

Secretary/Webmaster: circulating new contact list. Will meet with Barbara to discuss secretarial ideas and duties. Website numbers up in September. 472 sessions. 1201 hits. Have begun large update with new articles, Sun Valley photos, sample questions and answers from the Regional College Bowl showdown, new and rehashed Humor, new links, and more tools from the 2002 Regional/Version 6 disc. Update to be published within a few days.

Vice President: an OWCP Control Point is required in every office. Harald Jones has appointed Jack. When a claim is controverted, management is required to tell you. Harald is unaware of this. If you are making a claim, demand attachments and claim ticket, copies of everything. Find out who your Control Point is and request their training records.

President: Day-at-the-Races a success. We need more activities like this. One possibility is a group trip to the Comedy Underground. People need to realize that the Union is more than just an insurance policy.


N/A on website

Executive Board:

Karl brings a question from Downtown: does a Carrier have to do a collection/truck run. Answer: yes. Was done by a Clerk.

Barbara: person got off 12-hour list, was called in early. Management is required to pay 12 hour Carrier for lost OT.


Nick, LOW removed.

Anna, (discussion) early starts different than change-of-schedule. Management can allow an early start. Change-of-schedule requires an 8-hour day. Stewards may refuse to sign C-o-S, but probably shouldn’t.

Bob G, biggest problem is staffing shortage because of lost member. People hired are not passing medical exam. Everyone coming in on SDO since April.

Tom, nothing at present. Kelly looking into clock-rings.

Steve, bee-sting grievance still pending. Do not let a unilateral rule become an accepted practice. Managerial policies must be produced and demonstrated in Contract.

Re: Safety practices; Carrier does not notify Customer of a safety hazard. Carrier notifies supervisor and fills out a 1767. A call to the District Safety Office will get attention.

New Business: Branch Dinner, tentative reservations made for the Olympic Lodge. Need to contact retirees.

Joan made a motion to pay the bills (including absent bills). Bob G seconded. Motion unanimously passed.

Nominations are closed. Uncontested seats are elected by acclamation.

Wes made a motion to adjourn. Karl seconds. Motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

The COLCPE drawing of $35 was won by Barbara P. She graciously donates her half back. Rod Kent wins drawing for $25 but is not present. Kitty will be $30 at next meeting. Wes reports $56 in COLCPE fund.


Kitsap Peninsula National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1414

WebMinutes September 12, 2002

Call to Order was taken at 5:15 p.m.


Special Items:

43 signed up for Day at the Races. Story behind Jon Patten memo.



President: Discussion about opting. Opting is covered by Article 41 and is intended for the duration of assignment. Once on an opt management cannot decide to move Carrier to another route. If vacation or sick leave occurs during an opt, upon return Carrier resumes opted position. An opt must be for 5 or more days and does not have to start with schedule. Opting is done by seniority and is not first-come-first-serve. Anyone can opt. Article 25 gives management the right not to put T-6 positions up for opt because they are higher level. T-6s leaving swing (string) for an opt not on assignment do not get higher level pay. T-6 must complete assignment without auxiliary assistance if they are to carry on another route.

Good opportunity for PTFs to be converted to Regular. PTFs need 40 hour weeks for 6 months in order to create a new Regular position. If you are on an opt do not go home early, do the assignment correctly, do not cut corners. It is the PTFs responsibility to monitor their hours. Recommend keeping a log.

PTFs need to opt!

Vice President: Vacation bids. Vacation slots are determined by a head count of regulars and PTFs done every October 20th. 10% of the work force are allowed to be on AL during most of the year. If there are 60 employees there are 6 slots, if there are 61, it gets rounded up to create 7 slots. Carrier must cancel an entire week of leave to create an "open week". It is wise to do so in writing. If one Carrier cancels 4 days and another cancels 2 days management has called it incidental, and said that an open week was not created. This comes down to language in LMU and intent. If management is given less than 10 days notice of leave cancellation, it does not have to be posted but does have to be announced. If open week is requested it must be awarded.

Last Dispatch: If you are on the ODL and are given Auxiliary assistance to make last dispatch it should be grieved. Call Joan if mail is being dispatched later than 6:00 p.m. (or it’s scheduled time).

Starting time: not grievable as a safety issue. Darkness is not a reason for non-delivery. Must include concrete example of safety hazard; ie: "I could not see the pit in front of me"…

Secretary: Steve has appointed Art to act as Secretary and Wes to fill vacant Executive Board position. Art defers report to Barbara because she chaired the Executive Board meeting in July where recommendations were made concerning the Secretarial position. The Board found the Treasurer’s books to be in order and made 3 recommendations for the future Secretary:

1) Secretary should take and keep minutes in a ringed binder (past minutes were loose and some were missing).

2) Secretary needs to maintain a comprehensive list of officers, and an accurate list of addresses and email contacts.

3) All checks should have memo filled in. Minutes should have complete check #s and names. This information does not belong on the website.

Webmaster: Everyone is welcome to contribute or comment. There have been many changes in the past 2 weeks. Check it out at:


If you’d like to be added to the mailing list email webmaster@nalc1414.org

Treasurer: Nick reports 12 checks and seeks approval for 2 pending checks.

COLCPE: Wes reported the COLCPE total since April 2001.

Steward Reports:

Gig Harbor: Bob Gandara reduced charge on LOW.

Anna Bay effectively reduced a discipline charge before leaving Sheridan Park.

Kelly Tippin and Tom Altman successfully dealing with 3971 issues etc. in Port Orchard.

Bob Hackiewicz reports winning a failure of due process. Accident grievance rescinded because of bad Social Security #. Failure to secure vehicle charge---settled. Bob recommends vehicle tags be filled out if locks are damaged. You can be written up for failing to report a problem lock. Keep copy. PO responsible for vehicle when you go home. Rear doors of vehicles in Bremerton are now left open at night. This is the Postmaster’s decision and his responsibility.

Joan Earl reports on OWCP Control points. Every office is supposed to have Control Point (person trained in OWCP). CA-1 was controverted and improperly filled-out. Postmaster will appoint a control Point. Numerous OT violations.

Nick Payne reports 4 LOWs reduced.

Barbara Payne reports that a TE clerk put in for a Carrier position. Was offered a job in Gig Harbor and then Gig reneged (claimed authorization to hire had been revoked). District can take away authorization. This deal was all verbal and no Form 50 had been cut. Employee hesitated 3 or 4 days and opportunity was withdrawn.

Steve Wilson reports that a supervisor endangered a Carrier’s life by refusing to allow an extreme bee-sting reaction case a chance to see a Doctor, finally recanting, and then ordering Carrier to report for duty the next day against medical advice and while on prescription drugs. Seattle District has been contacted and we will be answered through "appropriate channels".

Nominations: The following people have been nominated for office.

President: Steve Wilson

Vice President: Joan Earl

Secretary: Art Cothary

Treasurer: Nick Payne

Executive Board: Barbara Payne

Nominations will resume at the October meeting.

New business: COLA check will be included in the September 27th paycheck. Retro pay will be included in the October 11th paycheck. Local Negotiations open October 1st. Remember, management has a right to impasse. For every gain there can be a loss. If someone suggests a change they have the burden of writing up a proposition. LMU Committee makes the decision to open negotiations. Computer issue tabled until next meeting. State Officers meet first week in October. If there are any Agenda items Barbara needs to know.

A motion was made to pay the bills. Motion was seconded. Motion passed.

A motion was made to adjourn. Motion was seconded. Motion passed.

Wes won the $16.00 COLCPE drawing and donated his share back.

Shawn won the $35.00 Branch drawing. The kitty for next month is set at $25.00.


The meeting ended at apx. 6:50 p.m.



Unapproved Minutes 06/13/02 ( from Mike Stacy’s notes )

Call to order 5:05 pm.

Members in attendance: Steve, Joan, Barbara, Mike S, Mike W, Tom, Art, Karl, Marla, Bob G, Carrie, Nick, Bob H, Tony, Greg, and Kelly

Steve talked about the Carrier daily worksheet and how there may be errors in it.

Joan made a motion to accept the Minutes and Kelly seconded.

Steve talked about the Bonuses that were given to manager’s throughout the district. Steve talked about non-Union members in the Branch. He also talked about up-coming training on the new grievance procedures.

Barbara talked about a college Bowl that would form at the state Level.

Joan talked about withholding positions in the Seattle District to move Clerks to Carrier Craft. She also stated that July 14th would be the date of the Branch picnic.

Joan made a motion to pay the bills for the picnic not to exceed $400.00

Kelly seconded. Motion approved.

Barbara talked about the State convention

Joan talked about the State Scholarship Program for children of Letter Carriers in the state.

Steward reports:

Bob H: 2 accidents

Bob G: 1 FMLA/ Sick call

Kelly and Tom: 1 click tardiness 3971 requirement

Karl made a motion to pay the bills. Carrie seconded. Motion passed.

Joan made a motion to pay the summer bills. Mike seconded. Motion passed.

Karl made a motion to adjourn. Art seconded. Motion passed.

Kitty set to ___?

Nick won the meeting drawing.


May 9th, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Members present: Barbara P, Art C, Nick P, Kelly T, Karl D, Vicky S, Tom A, Bob G, Mike W, Steve W, Wes R, Joan E, Marla K, and Chuck H.

Kelly T made a motion to accept the minutes with a spelling correction, and a date correction. The motion was seconded by Bob G. The motion passed.

President: reported that supervisors are now recording all clock-rings for timekeeping. There have been errors. At a minimum Carriers should be keeping track of beginning and ending clock-rings. Steve recommends 4 clock-rings and mileage be tracked by each Carrier. The Carrier worksheet is a great tool to use against management. Fill in the blanks. Ask for a sheet if you’re not getting one. If you don’t question or challenge the information on this sheet, it is considered factual. Write as much information as possible on this sheet including linear footage, spurs, parcels, etc. Remember also that timekeeper is allowed to discredit 5 minutes ( 8 clicks ) of OT. Do not clear in 8 hours and 4 minutes. Don’t allow partial OT ( less than 5 minutes ) on a daily basis. It adds up, and you lose.

Vice President: Bremerton starting time has been moved to 8:00 am. Do not rush to make 5 pm. At Sheridan Park the window is 6:10 pm. There is no mention in the Contract of an Operational Window. This is managements concern, not yours. You can be mando’d 2 days in a row. ODL does not have to be equalized on a daily basis. 10 minutes of mandatory OT counts the same as a 2 hour occurrence. Full-time Carrier leave is credited the 3rd week of January, not before. Local Negotiations are scheduled for October. New Contract will be ratified by us. Ballots have been mailed out. Return no later than May 28th. Language has been changed in Article 19. Make sure the Union has your correct mailing address. There will be a $499 lump sum COLA payment beginning in July. Retro-pay is not yet clear since Contract expired last November.

Treasurer’s Report:  N/A Online

SGT-at-Arms: Wes reported that $ 114 was mailed to COLCPE on 5-5-02.

Steward Reports:

Sheridan Park: Joan E reported that there have been problems with mandatory OT. Hackiewicz assigned to Investigative Interview.

West Hills: Nick P reported concern over change-of-schedules

Downtown: Karl D had nothing to report

Port Orchard: Kelly T is working on a violation of Article 17, refusal of Steward Time. Possible Weingarten violation. Carrier was questioned during a discussion, denied representation when requested. Later given an Investigative Interview for the same issue. LOW was given.

Gig Harbor: Bob G reported that member Bill Hagen had left the Postal Service.

Other: Art C, Steve W, Hackie, Joan E, Kelly T, Nick and Barbara P will attend Regional. There is one more opening for someone from Bremerton. Need to know now.


Karl D made a motion to pay the bills. The motion was seconded by Wes R. The motion passed.

Old Business: the Executive Board Meeting did not materialize. Will be done before the next meeting as soon as people can get off work and arrive at the Hall.


New Business: Picnic will be discussed next meeting. Tentative date: 7-15-02. There will be a June meeting. No meetings July, August. 2 Executive Board positions will be open in the fall. Also there will be elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Bob G made a motion to adjourn. Wes R seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Ilona W won the $ 45 COLCPE drawing. She donated her share of $22.50 back to COLCPE.

Total COLCPE holdings now at $66.

Dorothea Poe won the Branch drawing for $25, but was not in attendance. The drawing will go up to $30 at the next meeting.

The meeting ended at 6:10 pm.


Approved Minutes, April Meeting


April 11 2002 5.10pm

Members present: Wes, Marla, Barbara, Steve, Mike, Art, Karl, Bob G., Tom, Mike, Brad, Mark M., Kelly, Nick, Anna, Chuck.

Tom made a motion to accept the minutes with the added names, Marla seconded

The motion passed.

Joan & Bob are at the Arb. Class on Union Business and will report next meeting.

Steve talked about the importance of COLCPE .

Wes made Regular and paid for the drinks.

Art has selected 1 May to activated the new web site NALC1414.ORG

Steve talked about a sick leave grievance.

A letter Carrier refused a steward after an accident and wanted to settle it on his own. This employee did get a 6-month letter of warning and the police cited him, this employee is an EX-Manager GO FIGURE!!!!!

Steve talked about what "immediate" means after an accident, the rules state up to 1 year to fill out a CA-1.

We have 2 new members to the union, which were converted from Casuals.

Barbara stated that she would hold an Executive board meeting the Wednesday prior to the next meeting.

Steward reports

Kelly Article 8, Health & welfare

Steve talked about 1571’s

Bob G. Talked about 1 route in Gig Harbor being converted

Nick Nothing to report

Motion to pay the bills was made by Karl, Wes seconded motion passed.

Tom needs to be paid for mileage

Art needs to be paid for the web page

Steve talked about Article 8 and had a Q&A.

Steve talked about Station inputs and MLNO’s and why they are important.

Karl made a motion to send a check for the reservation for state Bob seconded motion passed.

Wes talked about the Food Drive coming up on May 11 2002

Wes made a motion to adjourn, Seconded by Karl motion Passed.

COLCPE drawing was 41.00 and won by Kelly which put it back to COLCPE.

Dorthia Poe won the meeting drawing but was not here Kitty will go to 25.



Approved Minutes

February Meeting

Call to order @5.15 14 February 02

Members present: Marla, Wes, Mike, Barbara, Art, Carl, Kelly, Nick, Don, Joan, Anna,

Alice, Bob H., BIG DOG.

The members have approved the minutes with the corrections.

Tom Altman and Art Cothary will attend Shop Steward Collage.

Kelly would like to attend advanced Shop Steward Collage.

The dinner is at 6pm at the Olympic Lodge This is the Branch Party and we want as many people to

attend as possible.

Joan talked about the RAP session in Pasco and talked about the transformation plan due out in

March some time. The 3 options are 1.) Reorganization 2.) Commercialization 3,) Privatization.

The Rural Route Contract was bad for it's membership and will be in effect on the 28th.

Bob talked about having 2000 less city carriers, and that this is the biggest drop in the volume since

the depression.

Steward reports

Joan several grievances

Bob several grievances

Nick Quiet at West Hills

Karl Down Town all quiet

A co-leader will go to West Hills to confirm the count.

Karl made a motion to pay the bills Wes seconded motion passed.

Karl made a motion to adjourn Kelly seconded motion passed.

Kelly won the meeting drawing and the kitty will be reset to 5.00

Mike Stacy won the COLCPE drawing of 21.00 and donated it to the cause.

· letters to PM's and station managers were sent for a copy of seniority list's

· letters to PM's and station managers were sent providing Branch officers

and Stewards.



January Meeting

Call to order @ 5.03 Jan. 10 2002

Members attending: Steve, Nick, Barbara, Dorothy, Mar, Wes, Marla, Art, Vicky, Kelly, Mike, Tom,

Bob G., Bob H., Don, "BIG Dog", Karl

Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as written or read by Joan, seconded by Vicky

motion passed.

Matt is our guest and he is a NALC Branch president in Idaho.

Steve talked about the fact that management cannot deny a doctors appointment.

Steve also talked about the Branch dinner and wants to invite Jamie Lumm to be the guest speaker.

Joan talked about combining of the M-39 and the M-41 to one book. She also talked about the City to

Rural conversion and that the JCAM was updated.

Steve talked about the new Stewards and Assistant Stewards

Kelly investigating for a medical grievance and scheduling

Bob G. investigation

Nick Sick leave, Article 10

Bob H. Several grievances

Karl was appointed as the assistant Steward for Down Town station.

Wes made a motion to pay the bills, Kelly seconded motion passed

The mini rap is Pasco Feb. 8-10 and Kelly, Art, Joan, and Bob want to attend.

Basic SS Collage is at Huston Center from Mar 10-14, and Art would like to attend.

State Convention is at Yakima May 31-June 2 and Kelly, Joan, Barbara, Nick, Bob H.; And Steve

would like to attend.

Wes made a motion to close the meeting and Art seconded motion passed.

Marla won the COLCPE drawing of 45.00 and donated it all back to COLCPE

Ed Harold won the meeting drawing but was not present pot goes to .00






Approved December Minutes

Call To Order @5.07 13 December 01

In Attendance: Karl, Kelly ,Steve, Marla, Mike, Chris, Dan, Peter, Leslie, Bob, Nick, Mike, Art,

Anna, Joan

Joan stated that the dinner will be changed to Feburary 16th at the Olympic Lodge and that as of right

now there

is not a menu.

Joan talked about the annual leave slot greivance and about the hardship placed on the letter carriers.

Nick gave a report. Ck 9332.61 Sav 8755.64

Steve talked about the office welfare committie and that the NALC was not represented.

Steve talked about the record of training and the difference between allocated training time and time actually used to train the employees and the fasification of training.

Kelly's grievance came back from the B Team and it basically slammed a P.O. supervisor.

Joan has several grievances

Bob accident going to the B team

Steve talked about article 8 violations

Art talked about the Branch web site

Karl made a motion to pay the bills motion was seconded by Bob motion passed

Steve talked about management pulling out of the Joint Route Inspections.

Karl made a motion to adjourn , Mike seconded motion passed.

There was no COLCPE drawing due to Wes Roberts having a medical emergency

Pat Smith won the meeting drawing but was not present kitty will be set to 65.00


Approved October Minutes

11 Oct. 01 Call to order 1730

Members attending,

Mike, Mike, Steve, Marla, Karl, Joan, Bob, Nick, Barbara, Mike, Vicky, Don, Art, Kelly, Brad, Gail

Marla made a motion to accept the minutes as printed, Mike H. seconded motion passed.

Joan talked about new Grievance folders needing to be ordered.

The Branch welcomed retires Pete, and Gary to the Branch meeting.

The following Carriers were nominated for Executive Board positions,

Barbara nominated Karl.

Mikes S nominated Art.

Marla nominated Pat S.

Mike H. made a motion to pay the outstanding bills Karl seconded motion seconded.

Steward report

Bob H. 2 LOW's

Nick nothing

Joan 4 Grievances art.8, reversion, respect, complement

Art LOW settled, dignity and respect

Bob spoke on the subject of UPS buying Politicians at the pace of 11-1 over our spending thru


Nominations have been closed

Bob and his wife want a solid number, and sizes for Branch vests, which they will make.

Motion to adjourn by Brad seconded by Vicky motion passed.

Don won drawing for COLCPE for 20.00 and he donated 10.00 back to the fund.

Meeting drawing was won by Larry Warthen!,LOL he's gone next meeting kitty to 55.00

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